A (Biased) EOY Salesforce To Do List

It’s my last day of work before the holidays (!) – we are closed Friday thanks to an incentive through our Toys for Tots drive, and then I head on a Christmas Vacation full of sun, sand and umbrella drinks.

I’m checking the last few work must-dos off my list before I head out, and it got me thinking – what Salesforce things would I want to make sure are on people’s radar before the end of the year? Here’s my (admittedly biased) checklist for good little #AwesomeAdmins & #DynamicDevs –

  • Have you nominated someone to be a Salesforce MVP? Think about 2016 – has someone on Twitter #askforce gotten you out of a jam? Did you go searching for help on an issue and find a blog series that helped you expand you knowledge and impress your boss? Does your User Group Leader go above and beyond for your community? This is the time to give them kudos! Nominate as many people as you like, noms are open now until January 13, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. PST. (If you’re asking yourself what makes an MVP and/or how they are chosen, check out fireball Holly’s post about that here.)
  • Start thinking about what 2017+Salesforce means for you. I was encouraged in this area by Missy Longshore on #AdminHour – the December 15th edition was all about planning for 2017, and if you replay that session you can get access to the awesome Calendar she put together to help!
  • Is a new job something that jumped quickly to mind for your 2017 To Do List? Come work with us at MapAnything! Our team is growing and we can use more Salesforce nerds so I’m not the only one collecting Swag at my desk. (Bryan holds it down in ATL #swagaholics)
  • If speaking is on your 2017 plan, consider submitting for a local Community driven event like Southeast Dreamin’ – you have until Jan 27th to decide on a topic (topics?) to submit! What’s something you’re passionate about that you can share with the community? I guarantee you, someone wants to hear what you have to say. If you can’t make it to Atlanta, there are Community Events around the globe so find one near you – or maybe somewhere you want to travel to (Uruguay, anyone?).
  • While we’re talking about goal setting – how about trying to up your Trailhead Rank? The awesome team at Trailhead make it easy – just login to Trailhead, check your Dashboard and you’ll not only see your current rank but what you need to achieve to Level up!

If that isn’t enough to dos to hold you over until the New Year, I recommend you take a nap. Preferably with a dog to cuddle.

See you next year #Ohana! <3