#DF15 By the Snaps: Pre-Conference (Sunday)

Dreamforce 2015 has come and gone, and it was a great time! I’m going to work through the whole week and let the photos be my guide for a recap of my adventures.

GiantsI took a recommendation from Kelly B and flew out on Sunday – it was early, but my Giants shirt was a hit with random TSA employees which made Security more fun. We both ended up sitting in aisles with other Dreamforcers, so it was a great to chat them up and get excited! I learned about Vetforce and my seat-mate learned about Girly Geeks.

Once we landed & got to her hotel, we hopped on the F line for a trip to In N Out Fishermans WharfPennyMachine! #nomnomnom I will not tease you with a photo of my delicious fries, shake and Double Double – but trust me, it was worth it. We played tourist for a bit at Ghirardelli Square and Pier 39, plus we discovered a mutual love for smashed penny souvenirs! 51 cents is all it takes to make us happy.

That night I met up with my boss from college (USF Dons rule!) for an awesome dinner at Zero Zero and got to see the Dreampark under construction on the walk back to my hotel.prebuild

So much anticipation for me, and the week hadn’t even started yet!

See you soon for a look at Monday!


No Sleep ’til Dreamforce!

In 4 short days, I will be flying to San Francisco for Dreamforce, my the first time back since 2011. Let’s just say that the last time I attended, the entire conference fit into Moscone N/S/W + Howard Street did not get closed for the Dreampark! I am super excited and accepting of how overwhelming it will be, and yet SO MUCH AWESOME.

I was honored to be asked by Apttus, along with a group of other rockstars,  to contribute some tips for how to tackle #DF15 for their “Experience Dreamforce” series – you can see those recorded short videos here. That really got me researching, and instead of sharing more new tips with you, I thought I would chat about how I built my schedule plus link up some go-to resources I have found to help me get pumped up and prepped for next week!

I started out making a rookie mistake and trying to manage my calendar in my work Outlook, which is in EST. After a few “wait, am I free for _____?” moments, I took the advice of Brent Downey at Admin Hero and created a separate Google Calendar in PST just for my Dreamforce life. Now it looks like this:


Still a little (!) crazy, but at least I can see my availability and I have highlighted things in Green that are super top priority. It was great to link the everything-else together with my Sessions so I could identify conflicts and change my RSVPs (based on some other Feedback I saw, I just created calendar events for my sessions manually instead of exporting enrolled + favorited sessions from Agenda Builder. But I will be printing out a backup PDF from there for sure).  It also encouraged me to review my Sessions again to update my favorites & enrollments.

One fun priority I’ll be making (in Purple) is to try and meet the people behind the podcasts I enjoy during my daily commute. I am thrilled that one of my favorites (Good Day Sir!) asked to interview me (!) for the #GirlyGeek POV on one of their live broadcasts (schedule is here, I am up on Tuesday @ 8:30am!). I also am going to try and fan girl it up for the guys from Arkus, the Desynit team with the revitalization of the CloudLife Podcast, Melissa VanDyke with Admin to Admin Academy, the Yapp Exchange, and of course the Button Click Admin podcast!

I’m also thrilled to be working with a fellow Girly Geek Leader + Apttus to coordinate the Girly Geek Photo Hunt – follow @GGPhotoHunt on Twitter. A great way to meet other Geeks and explore the DF campus… and of course, win prizes! Combine that with the DataDash (giving back to Girls Who Code!) + getting AppHappy and I will have plenty to fill any white space you can find on that calendar.

I went ahead and ordered myself a (used) iPad and will then proceed to put a few key Apps on it – Partyforce! Official DreamforceApp! Amazon Instant Video! (You can now download to watch on the plane!) Google Calendar! Eventbrite! Twitter! Uber! Anything else I’m missing?

My new comfy shoes are coming in the mail and I already started the laundry so I can be sure to pack my favorite outfits. Can’t forget to bring along some books to donate which will then free up room to return with swag and/or Dreamstore purchases!

I’m sure I’ll keep poking at my schedule up to and through the event, but I’ll also be keeping an eye on great resources like these to help make sure I am packed, prepped and mentally prepared –

But really, aside from ALL of that, I am most excited to meet other Girly Geeks and Salesforce Nerds who just get me. If you haven’t found me for a hug / high five / lunch date / swag swap and you’d like to, feel free to tweet me @KristiForce and I’ll do my best to meet up!