What a #BrightIdea! Collaborative Forecasting via Territory Hierarchy

One of the greatest things about Salesforce? The IdeaExchange. Suggest new features + vote & comment on Ideas you find, to help the status move to Product Team Review and (hopefully) to Delivered! Salesforce is committed to listening to the community, and this series aims to highlight #BrightIdeas I have come across – for myself or through social media – that I hope can get a little more love. Your thumbs up counts!

This weeks #BrightIdea: Collaborative Forecasting via Territory Hierarchy


I’ll admit a little bias, as this is an Idea I posted. But! I was amazed to find no one had posted it previously.

The “new” fun Collaborative Forecasts offer a lot of great features – you can see the differences between that and the older Customizable Forecasts here – but they only work with Role Hierarchy. If you have a newer Org, or when you try to use other “new” Features – like Territory Management 2.0 (Enterprise Territory Management) – you must also use Collaborative Forecasts. Unfortunately for us (as anyone who has had a beer with me while talking Salesforce in the last few months can attest), this means we are stuck using the old tools. We have partners who sell products over multiple business units, so while they have a “role” because they have to, their Opportunities need to roll up their Forecast in different directions. Without this Idea being implemented, we either can’t start using the new features (current state), or we would not be able to use the Forecasting tools at all (sad state).

So, thank you in advance from me & my co-admins to YOU for helping promote it!

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