What a #BrightIdea! Submit all Forecasts

One of the greatest things about Salesforce? The IdeaExchange. Suggest new features + vote & comment on Ideas you find, to help the status move to Product Team Review and (hopefully) to Delivered! Salesforce is committed to listening to the community, and this series aims to highlight #BrightIdeas I have come across – for myself or through social media – that I hope can get a little more love. Your thumbs up counts!

This weeks #BrightIdea: Allow users to forecast multiple Product Families at same time

Forecasting by Product Family is a great option for those of us running business that’s a bit more complex, whether it be to divide lines of business or specific product lines within one business unit. Some people may need to look at the drilled down data, but some may want an overall picture – both are available!

The challenge comes when you want users to Submit Forecasts to help establish trends. In our case, there are 6 key Product Families we are focusing on to start, which means each user has 6 Forecasts to submit @ 4 clicks each: Select the Product Family, Submit Forecast, Click OK on the Popup confirmation, hit the Back link, repeat. Not AWFUL, but not convenient either. Once we add in other Families which are not currently our primary focus – materials, warranties, etc. – it will only get worse, and thus less likely for a Sales person to take the time to do it. If you don’t need to adjust the Forecast, or if you’re okay with the adjustments set, it would be great to have one “Submit All” option!

So, thank you Heather McArdle for suggesting this idea – and thank you to YOU for helping promote it!

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